Discover the secrets of family-style Tuscan cuisine!

C3/4 hour course with 4-course menu with pantry recipes and meal served with the dishes prepared

A cuisine that focuses on the use of offal and offal, such as the famous Cibreo and stuffed neck, finally passing from Florentine tripe and lampredotto served in a “semelle” sandwich, soaked in its broth and seasoned with green and spicy sauce.

I will show you the famous recipes, simple and genuine from the past.

The use of stale bread that peasants cooked with; crostini with chicken livers or panzanella with garden vegetables. The always present wild game in sauce with pasta, such as pappardelle or tagliatelle.

You will see learn how to prepare peposo in the manner of the Impruneta bakers which became
a punto fermo in home cooking.

or dessert, we will add a sweet touch with Grandma’s cake, simple but divine.


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