A three-day full immersion to discover the products of white art.

3 day course with pantry recipes and a day served with the prepared dishes

The following topics will be addressed:

Fresh pasta, egg and gnocchi

Pizza, panzerotti and Apulian focaccia

Bread and schiacciata made with mother yeast

Master the art of homemade pasta with our Private Class dedicated to the Italian style that we all love.

No meal in an Italian family is complete without pasta!

We will prepare fresh pasta with and without eggs and we will make stuffed pasta and gnocchi by choosing the best ingredients, because it is the details that make the difference!

Learn all the secrets to making traditional Neapolitan pizza, delicious fried panzerotti and homemade focaccia.
 You will learn how to dose the right amount of water, yeast and to use the best flours to obtain a perfect dough, optimizing leavening times and the correct storage method.

Homemade sourdough bread as it once was.

Mother yeast is a concentrate of life. Its name recalls a past linked to the roots of tradition. Before starting, it is important to remember that respect must be given to it, respect to the raw material.
 We will address the difference between bread made out of Mother Yeast and Licoli, the last one is nothing more than the abbreviation for “Yeast in Liquid Culture”, a raw material that can be obtained from sourdough.

We will prepare soft wheat bread with ancient cereals such as Verna and durum wheat such as Russello or Senatore Cappelli.  Sourdough bread, the really good one, definitely more digestible and that will last much longer than the one you bought.

You will receive this precious ingredient as a gift, to carry on the tradition of the past, in your home.
Of course, we will also teach you how to care for it and feed it.

So… hands on!


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